Monday, September 20, 2010

Where's the Birdy?

This bird not showing up on the crown is driving me nuts!  I stamped on turquoise tissue paper and did some outlining with a gold pen...but still feel she isn't pronounced enough...Hoping to get some good feedback for a remedy.  Any ideas?


  1. wow!!!
    I love the texture and the color!!

  2. gorgeous work , you could choose to settle and call it done?

    you can see the bird but you want it a bit more visible ? you could try highlighting very carefully the feather tips with the turquoise you have used in the bow tie - watered down to opaque - you could wipe it off straight away if you don't like it...almost run the blue alongside if not over the gold ?

    also if you go around the edge of the bird just a couple of millimetres and darken a little more whilst blending into your back ground so less of the pattern of the background (where that red swirl distracts slightly away rather than towards the birdie?) is visible as it directly abutts the brid it will lift him away from the background...

    love your colour pallette,

    beautiful, beautiful - please critique my edgy cute mermaid?


  3. That's a toughie--if you lighten him, he'll blend in with the crown. Maybe you could lighten up the turquoise just a little and then add shading around the wings and around the bottom and then outline him again. This whole piece is just awesome the ways it is anyway!

  4. Beautiful piece, and thanks for sharing it with us here. I have no expertise in your inquiry, and have the same difficulties also. However, the butterfly "bow tie" is truly popping. Whatever you did with it worked great! However to me, it's kinda neat that the birdie isn't as prominent ~~ it gives me something to search for within the piece, and keeps me searching for more! Very lovely artwork!