Monday, April 11, 2011

Tellin' Time & WOYWW 97 People!

We had an outdoor clock that had taken a beating from the Florida sunshine..
(This would be the part where I would insert the photo of the original clock, however that's hard to do if you don't take aforementioned I will leave it to your imagination  and post a SUN effect photo instead...erhmmmm)
So I decided to work on recycling the clock....

And here's where I am so far...

Got to figure those numbers out...embellish...varnish...
Then rehang, stand by and monitor the sun damage.....
before it gets this serious....

For Donna:)


  1. that "f' ugly caption syas it all,

    so glad I wear factor 50 when outdoors,

    loved this post,

    not sure if it comes with age but my art and my style does come from my heart and soul, my best stuff is when I 'listen' to the world and myself... see you in the morning - got a 'special' song for you this week...


  2. The clock looks happy now...I want to see it when it's done...
    And thanks for the laugh :D


  3. I like your new clock face it is going to be really nice! That is some serious sun damage there! I was rarely in the sun cause I burned too badly and ended up with face cancer. I am amazed and dumfounded. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  4. Love the happy clock! How in the heck did she get so browned? It's scary, really