Monday, December 19, 2011


I've been painting.....

I started the background with a newspaper my husband brought back from China awhile ago.  Even though I have not a clue what it says, I love the look of the written language.  I chose not to do alot of imagery layering rather lots of acrylic glaze with my paint for the transparent effect.....

A special symbol and message....paints, mediums, inks and charcoal...

have carried me to this point for now....


  1. This painting is absolutely beautiful.
    It makes me "feel" like staying... such an embracing thought.

  2. Lovely! Her face, the colors... very nice ☺

  3. Great idea to use the Chinese newspaper! Valerie

  4. I like it very much also, she captures her audience. When I saw the word "Stay" I thought of Jackson Brown and that song title.
    He is talking to his audience at a concert with this song.
    You might like the song it is on U tube Jackson Brown at the BBC