Thursday, June 28, 2012

"F" is for "Fast"

"Fast" as in the verb....Fast Post...I have a very Finicky computer at the moment...ArrrGH

You gotta love those eyes....even if they don't start with an "F"...

Are you Fixated...or Fiddling at this point....

We're getting close to the Finale now.....

Ta DA!  This is the Face for my newest journal cover...

Joining Jenny for AlphabeThursday featuring..the letter..."F"
Jenny Matlock


  1. It is interesting how the various crops influence the viewer's experience.

  2. fabulous artwork! and I do hope you get your computer fixed!

  3. I have already spent my limit for this month. Can you hold this for me? I have just the place in my new house!!!!


  4. Hey
    "F" is for "Fast"
    I appreciate you writing on such a subject, I really needed to find this info. Cheers for discussing!

  5. Lovely F post!!! I like the way you revealed your journal cover in small bits : )

  6. great to see your journal! Love having another art journaler to watch! Hope your finicky computer is better soon {:-D

  7. HiTheresa ~~ I watched, like with bait breath, but I don''t know for sure what baited breath is, anxiously to see what all and who would be revealed.

    Oh. A mag cover. Very clever though, I'll check out your "G" word next week. :)

    Thanks for peeking in on my "F" stuff and for your nice comment. I too like to go to car shows in the spring before it gets sooo very hot.

    Jim's Alphabe-Thursday

  8. Very unique F post! ...And thanks for visiting Joy4Today!

  9. pretty!

    Let's see--firey eyes, no, not really.
    flirty eyes, yes, maybe.
    fun post. Here's to a more functioning computer!

  10. That is quite a fabulous face for your journal!

    I love her enigmatic look.

    Thank you for linking.

    Hope your 4th if Fabulous!


  11. F as in she's Flippin' gorgeous