Thursday, April 10, 2014

Save a Tree….Carve a Tiki

Sadly, this queen palm has died…a toxic disease that affected a couple of our other queens…we were warned it would spread and it did.

No choice but to call the tree trimmer.

However, this is no ordinary tree trimmer.  Behold - Chainsaw Art!

And it just keeps getting better…add the grinder for detail work.

30 minutes from start…(longer than Mr. Trey expected)…here's the result!  Happy Dance!  Pretty awesome seeing the whole process!

As he stands…with a heart tattoo for my tiki loving husband:)

P.S. The artist/tree trimmer info:  Trey Bliffen's Tree Service, 772-475-3378 Stuart, FL


  1. Wow...really beautiful & it really is awesome to see the process. I would be doing a happy dance as well

  2. Theresa how neat that the tree was bale to be "upcycled"! And you got to watch is even cooler! Thanks for sharing! ")