Thursday, July 22, 2010

"B" is For Balance

It's time to join Jenny for this weeks alphabe-thursday alphabet soup!   We've gone through the whole alphabet, so today's "soup" day till we start next Thursday's "Rainbow Summer School".

I don't know if you remember my "Y" piece?  If not, the post is here.   It was titled "Yet, another Work in Progress".  I  asked for everyone's opinion  - should I, or should I not Add Text?

The "add text" vote won, so here's the revised piece...

It says...
"What I dream of is an Art of Balance - H. Matisse"

Can you read it?????

I didn't think so....


I think I got pen happy...
black, white, glitter purple, souffle purple, gold...
rather unbalanced...

Love the message....

Pretty happy with the placement....

Will redo the text....

And dream of an art of balance....

Happy alphabe-thursday and don't forget to visit all the other alphabet posts!


  1. Loved yr *Y* post - so interesting and unique!

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you've the time to stop by.

  2. I love it! Sometimes maybe a little less balance is a good thing? Said by a woman who is decidedly unbalanced!

  3. I am so loving this face!!! Fantabulous!!!!

  4. Hope you get it figured out.

  5. Wow what amazing art. You'vw found your style expression for sure. Very fun and youthful. My daughter would love something like this.
    Happy Alphabe Thursday!

  6. Ohhhh--how much do I love this?!

  7. This is quite lovely. I understand that struggle for balance. Will you repost when you've found balance with the words?

  8. I always have a hard time finding the right spot on my page for the words when I scrapbook. Hope you can get it to your liking. Very pretty no matter how you place the words.

  9. Beautiful art. I'm always a little off-kilter myself.

  10. i love the bird cage crown and the quote is beautiful and fits that piece so well!

  11. I love the is perfect for the do not what it to be to clear...bkm

  12. Beautiful quote and such a lovely piece! Sometimes is just perfect to be NOT so perfect!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  13. I love that you have to "search" for the message.

    It almost makes it more precious when you find it.

    Thanks for your artistic addition to the pot of Alphabet Soup this week!

    It helped make it extra delicious.