Thursday, July 1, 2010

"X" is for Xyron

Today is Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday  and the letter is ...."X".  It was inevitable.  An eXtra tough letter.  Of course I went to the dictionary....even googled for more choices...and really couldn't come up with anything I was particularly interested in.  However, while working on an art piece yesterday, I spied an interesting letter "X".  Hidden behind a basket holding canvases in an unopened boX...

sat my Xyron creative station.

SeXy, right??? 

"create stickers, magnets, labels and laminate items"....Ahem....why is it STILL unopened?  I remember when I got it debating over the 5" or the 9".    My dh happened to be with me on this trip and he was eXcellent trying to help me figure out logically if I really need the Xyron...what know, tough questions like 'what are you going to use it for...?'  HuH???  "O, I can think of an eXtra thousand projects I can use it for!"  Doesn't everyone need a sticker, magnet, label, laminator????  AND, I had a coupon for 50% off!  Great eXcuse to eXecute the deal.

That was about 3 months ago...and there still sits my 50% off Xyron...unopened...eXhibiting signs of dust on top of the boX.  I'm making a commitment to eXcavate the Xyron today.  I will even eXamine Xyron eXamples online.  I'm so eXcited!  I just know it will eXceed my eXpectations....

But First....
I muST....
EXit for an eXcursion....
I really need a new digital camera!
Join Jenny 
for more X-pressions!


  1. so funny that something we were so excited about at first never gets used :D

  2. I have similar things as well....

  3. This looks like a great tool. I hope you to post things that you make with it.

  4. Fun post. And sounds like a fun machine, too.

    Hope you get around to using it...



  5. This looks like a handy little gadget. Thanks for the good wishes this weekend. I'll post about it later this week. This is the first one we've done on our own, and of course we pick one of the biggest ones of the year lol. So far the best tip I have is make lists. Lots and lots of lists :) Kat

  6. what fundamental and thought provoking post.

  7. Oh goodness...I know how this goes.

    Maybe you can use it someday??? Hmmm, there must be a good use for it somewhere ;^)

  8. eXciting! get that thing out and use it! :)

  9. yeah, i know just what you mean ... i think i have a few "must haves" that are still in the box ...

  10. Good Morning Theresa,

    This is my first trip to your blog. I must take a few moments to read and look at your pics! I love color and your header is "the bomb"...LOL

    Thanks for sharing your X with us this week. It was a great post--been there and know what you mean. I really wish I had that Xyron creative machine.;..looks like it would do wonders!

    Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit! We love having company.

    Hope you and your family have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

  11. Theresa! What a fabulously fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursdays' letter "X"!

    Your blog background is Xceptional. And I love that you need to have Xcursion before you can open your Xyron creative station. I can totally relate to that particular logic.

    Thank you for linking up!

    I really enjoyed seeing you here!


  12. Please let us know whether you actually get round to using it (and what for) or whether it ends up like one of those unused kitchen appliances which you truly believed you couldn't do without, until you actually bought it!

  13. Looks a piece of equipment that could garner you some extra credit in the class if you made the teacher something nice, like an apple! LOL...My DIL has something like this, She is a teacher and is always making wonderful things to help her in her work.

    The grandchildren bring me cutouts they make...and I have them on the special Nanny board!

    I bet you will love it once you get going! LOL I have to applaud your descriptive detail...!LOL

    Blessings From The Muse
    A Diva's Hammer Prose
    X Post:
    ~Excursion of Xeranthemum~

  14. haha! hope you get to using your Xyron, right away! This sounds like the convo in my house..."OOOH! a pleater!" ..."what are you going to use it for?" ...."pleating!" ( I did get my pleater -for pleating material that will be for smocking on the tops of little dresses...for our granddaughters that we dont have yet...) ...still havent used it, cuz there hasn't been any time!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (slightly late with getting to the X posts...I'd love if you are able to check mine out :o)

    Have a safe and wonderful July 4th!

  15. This made me giggle because I know just how this sort of thing happens. I bought a bow maker a bajillion years ago, on sale, and um, I think I finally gave it to Goodwill. Unopened.

  16. I think we all do this at one time or other - well at least I do, more often than I want to admit. I can understand why you needed the super cool Xyron machine - it rocks!

  17. This sounds like me and my Wii Fit!! I'd like to see what you can do with the Xyron. Thanks for stopping over and commenting on the X Cake. I dont' even think I got a bite of it. Oh well!!!

  18. Get to work with that Xyron - but only at the most eXcellent time! Hope your eXcursion is eXceptional!

    .............cj Schlottman