Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fur Baby Journal...An Autumn Project

More about the journal I made for family....

Somebody likes eggs:)

"Frame" a photo with pretty lace sewn with bright thread....

Layers of paint, molding paste with a stencil, 
cookbook pages sewn in under the transparency = cuteness!

Mrs. Booey posing in her garden chair....

Acrylic inks applied with an eyedropper over stenciled molding paste flows in a neat pattern...

Gotta have a little book for Notes!
(Recycle all those little scraps)

I love outlining details in graphite on photos...
or using  a fine point pen to "pop" images...

A patina coating on the Garden Key....

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination"
Henry David Thoreau

 Watercolor background...
Grab a stencil and some Glimmer Mist...

Print and sew a border around photos and transparencies...

Grab your "ultimate glue" and fasten a charm or two..


Don't be afraid to sew around details in photos....

Use a charcoal pencil to outline shapes or circle images you want to stand out...

Layering tissue paper applied with gel over a background adds interest and softness...

Don't stop layering there...use rub ons, inks and doodles to personalize pages...

Sew a pretty trim on your page to complete your composition...

A wash of color over stenciled molding paste accents details...

Add personal thoughts in open spaces....

Graphite pencils help shade and give depth to embellishments...

All for now.... Gotta Create and check out Jenny's Autumn Alphabe-Thursday hop!

Jenny Matlock


  1. Sweeeeeet, artsy journal, beautifully done. Nice tribute for years to come! Too bad they can't appreciate your beautiful work!!


  2. What amazing pages! I love all the details in them.

  3. Hi again!

    Love all the details too!Great post.

    And thanks too for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the fun.


  4. So pretty and a lot of various wasy to achieve the good looks on these pages. Quite a bit of time also, but who notices when enjoying the work of art journals so much.

    If I do a few then I sort of run out of ideas and have to wait for inspiration again you just flow right long with great ideas.

  5. How creative you are!
    Beautiful!...and I love how you don't waste any scraps!

  6. So so creative. Thanks for giving little tips along the way. It's appreciated by someone less creative like myself.

  7. What adorable doggies! Your posts are always so lovely, first as I've said before your blog background is just lovely, and all your artwork most stunning too! Thanks!

  8. I am so impressed with your talents and creativity. Just wonderful!


  9. I wish I had half this creativity--or the time. Maybe when my younger kiddos go to school.

  10. These are soooo fun...especially with the Scottie photos... I'm only slightly biased, having two of those fun little boys!

  11. The journal of my best friends, was indeed a gift i will cherish forever. you are truly an artist with so much creativity.Thanks for also making my doggies so popular with everyone,love to read the comments. THANK YOU SIS.

  12. I've got to try pencils some - I never do. Like the words with cut out letters! {:-Deb

  13. Excuse me michele, that is my Mr. Man and mrs booey.......haha. Anyway, Aunt T. this book is absolutely amazing and creative. I love the color and detail. You are amazing

    miss and love you, Britt (aka Bunny)

    p.s have you seen sandy???? :)

  14. What a creative fur baby journal! I love it!!

  15. Those are all so interesting, and creative - like having a wee glimpse into your creativity!

  16. Great journal and cute doggies.

  17. :)))) thanks to all for all the kind comments...extra special to my girls Otis and Bunny...xo...and Sandy is busy with karaoke these days at the Buddha Bar...

  18. I love the creative joy you bring to every single project you do! I have some of your lovely things here and they always make me smile.

    I'd like to clone your vision and ability to translate it.

    You're always a wow!

    Not just on Fall Break!