Friday, October 7, 2011

The Path

Even though the dust bunnies beckon, I'm continuing to work on my Travel Journal....

Quinacridones, tissue paper, molding paste and stencil to start.......

I knew what I wanted my focal point to be when I started.....rare as that is....

A photo from Tivoli gardens in Italy that doesn't come close to capturing the essence of that was full of sights, sounds, smells...beautiful and magical.

It got complicated thinking about the vision and layers of construction involved....
The maintenance....nurturing....discipline....persistence....
The back breaking, sweaty diligence.....

That resulted in this exquisitely beautiful path....exuding tranquility....peace....appreciation.....respect....

It inspires me....helps me...soothes me....and encourages me to stay steady on my path....


  1. Beautiful! Really love all the layers. <3

  2. Your wonderful pages and photos make me want to hop over to Rome right now! Valerie

  3. I'm enjoying your travel journal Theresa. I know it was a trip of a lifetime full of memories that will last a lifetime.

  4. What a wonderful page.. I just LOVE all those layers. something creative like this would sooth the soul..

  5. Oooh Theresa...fabulous art...beautiful construction of layers. When I grow up (or in my next life) I want to do art like you!! Need to hone my sewing machine skills! :o)
    THanks for sharing...


  6. Beautiful! I like the way the circles from the stencil play along with the circles on the path.

  7. OH wow!! This is all SO very beautiful!! Your journal page is stunning!! And those photos...Wow!! I want to be there now, sigh....


  8. I had a lot of ketching up to do. That is one fabulous art journal!

  9. Beautiful page, I just bought the same stencil and traced it with pencil for an embroidery pattern on a building in a small art quilt I'm working on. It's neat to see the same stuff used in different ways :)

  10. That is "artfully arranged" - really superb.