Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Y" is for "Yikes!"

I keep missing my Jenny's AlphabeThursday friends!

It's because I've been distracted...Yet again...

Working hard making Yoodles of artsy stuff...

My little tabletop is filling up with Yummies!  Hope to share more soon!
Happy  "Y" day  to "You":)

Jenny Matlock


  1. Aws! Where was this blog hiding that I did not even get across it! Your paintings are really cool:) just a shame I couldn't paint and join in for PPF.:)

  2. You definitely have been busy! Love that birdie at the back...
    Thanks for stopping by my Yellow post!!

  3. Yoodles, eh? Looks like interesting work you are doing!

  4. Yoodles? Is that an English word?! Forgive my not knowing, but I am German and there are a lot of, common language, words I don't know - LOL. I loved the looks of your assembled art photo, so I will check your site/shop a little more later.
    Thanks for visiting my Alphabe- Thursday - mine for letter 'Y' @ ImagesByCW is about yellow

  5. Making an effort to use "Yoodles" in conversation this week :)

  6. You sure have some lovely art pieces lined up!

  7. I love you artsy stuff.

    In fact, I'm looking at one of your pieces as I write this!

    Love the word 'yoodles', too!

    Cute post!

    Have fun!