Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sorting It OuT

I took advantage of a rainy day...

and walked down memory lane... as I sorted it all out....

Turquoise from a Mother/Daughter trip to New Mexico

Gifts from departed loved ones

Bangled, Wrap-Wired daze

Past Party Accessories

Strands of Color and Bling collected from all over

Past Projects Stringing, Crocheting and Shopping for the right bead

Till the next trip....


  1. What a lovely collection! Valerie

  2. I especially love the turquoise photo, it has such good quality of just a bit off realistic.
    Itis beautiful and should be a book cover. So now you can write a book as you already have the cover. It is great fun to see other peoples stuff.

  3. Treasure Chest explosion! Wow! I own some great things I haven't fingered for awhile...thanks for reminding me.

  4. thanks for that GREAT trip! love your altered photos, esp. the turquois! xo