Wednesday, August 10, 2011


More from yesterday's post about this piece I made at Art Unraveled taught by the amazing Jen Cushman......

Easy peasy open backed bezel made with paper, a charm and Ice Resin mixed with glitter...

Don't know if you can see the bubble?
Can easily fix it by drilling into it with a dremel tool, then refilling with resin...If I wanna...

I made the bail too....
"annealed" metal with a torch, formed it around a dowel, drilled with a dremel....
(I'm no longer a torch/dremel virgin = tool shopping later  Thanks to JEN!)

We made "resin paper" with the Ice Resin - then rolled into beads for our necklaces......

We made all of our headpins, connections and Jen shared her coveted rosary bead purchase with the class too....
She's the BEST!

The other side of the bezel....
My text did not get completed immersed....

But no worries....
Just add more Ice Resin!

I'll be busy "resinating" with some of that great paper my husband brought back from Taiwan 
(soon to be included in my Collage Candy Kits), 
and bought Jen's book for quick reference you can find here along with her teaching schedule and lots more info on this technique too....

In the meantime, have fun exploring other Wednesday workdesks around the world hosted by Julia at The Stamping Ground and tomorrow I'll post about the class I took with Mary Beth Shaw:)


  1. Hi Theresa. I love what you have on your work desk. Very artistic and fun. Happy WOYWW!

  2. Lovely stuff, looks very complicated, but GREAT! Valerie

  3. Never seen ice resin before but it's another interesting thing to try out. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x #60

  4. Theresa! Your work is gorgeous and you took to ICE Resin like an old pro. Loved your necklace and how glittery/colorful and just plain fun it came out. Wear it with pride, you made a beautiful piece. XO -- Jen

  5. I love making jewellery items and found your post really interesting as I've never tried ice resin. You've had excellent results and inspire me to try this out. It looks quite exciting. Thanks Theresa...
    Love joZarty x

  6. Like Jo I have always used UTEE but shall definately try ice resin to see how it compares, also I had a dremel before I had an ATG,

    This Girl could not call herself a BIG girl unless she has a dremel in one hand, a hammer in the other and a paintbrush in her hair


  7. Thanks for sharing all the details- gorgeous work!

  8. What a Great piece you made... Love it with all the different touches to it... So Artsy!! Love looking thru your blog it's alwasy different...!

  9. Eeee, that's lovely. I like the ain't gonna Dremel it,surely? Ice resin? New tome. Oh the things we learn!

  10. That is a wonderful work of art and sounds very interesting to do too!
    Happy WOYWW

  11. Awesome. Love the colors and textures. Do you need to drill and fill it? I think it looks great the way it is. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  12. thanks for the glimpse. nice project. Have a great day.