Saturday, May 7, 2011

Class#2 Soldering for Virgins Art and Soul Retreat

Are you a soldering virgin?  I was...until I participated in Sally Jean Alexander's class at the Art and Soul retreat in Virginia.

There is something about soldering irons, heat, solder, flux, etc. that I found completely overwhelming terrifying.  I am definitely "TooL ChallenGed".  Sally Jean, however, is not.  Her classes sell out quickly and there were repeat students who had their own Soldering Queen set up.  Thank heavens Sally had her "kits" consisting of soldering irons, flux, solder, etc.  for students use as I'm not sure I could've crammed another thing in my truck.

I am not going to post a step by step because it would take me forever and my butt is already numb from computer time this morning.  I would encourage you to check out Sally's website and book  you can find used on Amazon for $4.89.  I personally felt I needed a live class though and she did not disappoint.  Being the "challenged" kinda girl I am, I could've used more than a day of classes, but was pleased to complete one project.... (I was always happy to complete the classes project and this did not always happen)

Ta DA!!!!!  Three pieces mind you....
It's very tricky holding the glass pieces together with your image lined up and then applying the copper tape....

Notice the very cool "shadowbox" effect here...
and just pretend you don't see the off centered jump rings....or lumpy solder...erhummmmm
(Embrace it and move on was a mantra that came in handy)

I decided to have an image on the opposite side as well.  I'm thinking I will solder two more jump rings on top and convert this piece to a necklace....

That dangly at the end...N i g h t m a r e to put together...slippery little sucker for taping and soldering.  It's actually two glass beads with an image in between...taped with copper foil...then carefully fluxed/soldered while holding in your trusty hand towel.  Sally shared she had an especially memorable time with the marble when she was soldering and dropped the HOT piece between her legs....mind you we all had extra towels on our laps.

Another great class I'd definitely take again and learned as a  "TooL ChaLLenGeD" person, I can still EmBrace....and Practice:)


  1. Great work Theresa! And things made by hand can be a bit off centre, I always think that's OK! Love what you have made! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh wow Theresa you have done a fantastic job with them. Loving them all, so gorgeous. Annette x

  3. These could seriously be an obsession for me if I learned how to do this--I love these!