Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Know This Girl.....

Acrimboldo style as taught by Pam Carriker - 90lb watercolor, acrylics, neos

I know this girl who works at Starbucks
She's a coffee connoisseur
She can rattle off those coffee orders that are like a foreign language to me
She tests me on the acronyms that are on the side of the cup
My memory is usually not so good
Yesterday I met her and one of her coworkers for lunch
There was alot of Starbucks chatter
It was interesting being with her in this environment
listening to their connection
and Starbucks Stories
This is only a tiny part of her world.
She goes to school full time
Most mornings she is up at the crack of dawn
If she is not scheduled for work at Starbucks, she's exercising her body and brain
She's the most organized person I know
She always makes time for her friends and is usually the one doing all the driving
She is the best friend I know
She likes singing to our dog
Our dog tries to sing with her
It's funny
She is the funniest person I know
She always does her best
I am so proud of her everyday
She makes me want to be a better person
Don't tell her this...
I'm a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee drinker.


  1. Nice picture and story! Valerie

  2. Loving your story, such fun and a great picture. Annette x

  3. Totally love this face, and the story of course. Did you learn this in Pam's Strathmore classes or another one of her classes?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind comment. I'm hitting close to a thousand now and I'm afraid I might run out of ideas, so I really appreciate the encouragement.

  4. amazing painting! and what a cute story about your friend to go along with it

  5. Thanks everyone! "This Girl" is my daughter:)

  6. I'm now following your charming site and hope you will follow mine in return. I love your art!

    Regards, Mari

  7. FABULOUS FABULOUS PIECE and fantastic post!! xo

  8. Loved your story. She sounds like a great friend. Great watercolor.

  9. Theresa...this is really your daughter?!?
    gorgeous piece and this is a wonderful story :D
    i love love love it :D

  10. Hi Victoria! Thanks for you kind comments and am so happy you love:) Yes, that's my 24 yr old baby I "arted" up.

  11. Ah ha! I knew it; as I was reading this, I was thinking that the way you spoke of her was the way I talk about my daughter. My baby is also 24, and I admire her more than I can say.

    I have so enjoyed the last half hour reading you beautiful blog. I'm glad you found me, so I could find you!

  12. Just lovely! Thanks so much for sharing it with me and for taking my workshop:-)

  13. Hi:
    I've awarded your site with the "One Lovely Blog" award. See my blog post to get the details. Hope you participate. If you do a prerequisite is that you link back to my site
    Regards, Mari

  14. Shhh...I'm a Dutch Bros. coffee drinker, so I won't tell if you don't. Beautiful girl!

  15. Very cool painting, story! Must of been a fun workshop! I used to work for them for years, now I drink locally roasted coffee and support independents. Nothing like a good cup of coffee and a paint brush in your hand. xo Theresa