Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So, I Read about Neopaques ...It's  Suzi Blu's Fault

Looking Like Aliens at this point,
But I know they'll get better...

It's all about Layers...
And a stiff brush for Canvas...

Isn't it all about trying something new?


  1. Well done on trying something new. They remind me of the shop window mannequins. Valerie

  2. Thankks so much for the inspiration. I've gone to each of the links and am very inspired. I am anxious to see the completion of your "aliens" Bet they turn out great.

  3. uh oh, new art products to try :)

    i like how these are looking!

  4. Theresa, I think I figured out a way to comment on your blog!! :)
    I think I may have to put these paints on my list--how beautiful these ladies look!!!
    And your lady in your last post--STUNNING!!

  5. i see something groovy coming from this, they already look fab! not like aliens at all, but if they were, they sure are purty ones! :)) diggin' these immensely! xo

  6. ha - Liz still says her Suzi blus look like aliens - even after tons of copying the style

    I swear its the width of the eyes across the face,and none flesh tones that do it...

    however, I love love love your faces no matter what..

    my suzi faces don't look like suzi faces because i still struggle to do fantasy faces rather then 'correctly' proportioned ones -

    if you really round the face - more than you think and drop the eyes to half way down the circle - see what you think...its the only way I can do a girly cute thing....

    i love little crafty crows suzi faces - I think she is under Grace Garton in the Academy....

    ps - missed you on the 104 WOYWW,

  7. Not a long comment, so exciting to see all the beautiful work here. That face in the previous post is just stunning.

    I hope I can post this.

  8. looking very cool! can't wait to see how it turns out! thank you for your kind comments on my blog. stop by any time! :)