Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday Letter "G"

"G" is for my Gallery Wall
Where I can display
Pieces from my heart
For Pleasure,
Review, Reveries
and Inspiration
For what's to come.

"G" is for my Gallery Shelf
Where I can peer over my shoulder
While working at my desk
To Pause for a moment 
And Enjoy
The Grouping
Of My Pieces
Mixed with
Treasured Photos
Books, and
Happy Messages

Thanks to Jenny for hosting another Alphbe-Thursday you can find HERE and all the Giggles she gives me every time I read her blog!


  1. What beauties your Gallery displays offer!

  2. I love your gallerie shelf and wall. Very inspirational. The faces make me look at them in wonder of what they are thinking.

  3. I like that you glance over while you work and see your creations. I tend to do that too. It makes me happy!

  4. I need a gallery!

    Great idea, love the post...

  5. A gallery shelf is an awesome idea! What inspiration!

  6. Gorgeous! I have ideas in my head of how I'd like my gallery wall to look but not enough space to make it happen!

  7. Wow... I love your site! I too am an artist and found it exceptionally fun to look at. I don't think I will enter the sketch book this time, perhaps next time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Your poem was inspirational...


  8. I used to have a gallery shelf in my old house. It was a wide window ledge, and I had a collection of colored bottles on it. In the afternoon, the sun came through the window and turned my studio into a light show!!

  9. You know, when I open your blog it is always such a pleasure to see your whimsical header. I adore your art and am always happy to drop in and see what's in store for us.

  10. This was great fun: a little glimpse inside your world. Thanks so much for sharing these images.

  11. What beautiful work you do!! Your artwork brings a smile to my face!

  12. Your gallery is a beautiful place - only an artist would have made it so.

  13. I have no gallery, no art of my own, but I have the photos of my nine children on the wall and it inspires me and encourages me! I love your gallery wall and shelf - beautiful!

  14. I love that color behind your gallery wall and shelf. It's funny how it almost turns into a neutral with your paintings.

    These colors are so inspiring. I need to paint words or something all over my office so I am more inspired to write when I am in here.

    Thanks for a GGGGGreat and lovely link to Alphabe-Thursday this week.