Friday, November 12, 2010

Night Portraits

Darkness appears so early these days...
 Wanted to experiment with the camera....
and the orchids in the garden...

Sharing some nocturnal blooms....

These are some of my orchids in the front  yard...

Most of them are grafted onto a tree...

Some are almost gone....

but still vibrantly colored...

Like the way the outside light
Creates a soft glow
Surrounding this orchid...?

Now we've moved to the backyard
To take a peek at this
Golden Cattelya...

Love the shape on this one...

Hope you enjoyed the night tour and will pop over to Tootsie's Flaunt Your Flowers Friday
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  1. Beautiful photos and orchids! You must like in heaven, ;). Gorgeous "faces in the crowd!"

  2. What a Heavenly yard you must have...gorgeous shots of these beautiful flowers!!!

  3. They are all L.O.V.E.L.Y...{{{envy}}}

  4. On a gray Canadian day it is wonderful to look at beautiful orchids. I am deeply jealous that you have orchids in your front yard. My garden is covered with frost crystals!

  5. Just tripped down the page... you have a wonderful blog. -J

  6. you have the most beautiful flowers ever! and you've captured them now i ask, where do you live, that you can have these OUTSIDE? i'm in northern calif. the foothills, Newcastle is our little town.
    i also love your paintings...a smile jumped on my face when i perused here...wonderful work, theresa!

  7. I want to live where you live. I would be in paradise to have orchids outside. I was definitely not born in the right place - frigid and cold - when I am an island girl at heart. These are so gorgeous and the dark night time backdrop just enhances their beauty. I think orchids are one of the most marvelous creations on the earth.

  8. Such gorgeous orchids--a plant I can't grow but sure love to look at. And to think you have them growing in your garden, how wonderful. Thank you for the glimpse of your beautiful flowers.

  9. Hi Theresa. What gorgeous orchids.I love these flowers but have no luck with them. Yours look so lovely in the evening light. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog for FF! Wow, you have orchids growing in your garden, how cool is that? It looks like you live in hot, humid, dripping tropical Florida.

    I love the look of your blog! And I had a look at some of the artsy posts. I wish I were artistic, but I'm not. I used to save jewelry findings and paint and stuff like that, thinking some day I'd find a purpose for them, but I never did. I gave them away to a friend who I knew would use them when we moved two years ago.

    Love the angel stuff!

  11. Your Orchids are stunning! I am so jealous that you can have yours outside. I have one my son gave me for Mother's Day. I'm trying my best to get it through the winter so I can vacation it out side for the summer.

    You asked where I live. I am in the Central Valley of California. Hoping your lemon produces again for you. Enjoy all your Oranges!