Thursday, November 18, 2010

"I" Images From the Garden

The Impetus for this post would be Jenny and her Alphabe-Thursday found HERE
Featuring the Letter "I"
Sort of cheating here, because what I'm actually posting are "eyes"...
Eyes, "I", Images and could keep going on with the "I" words..except
I've just spent an inordinate amount of ...time
Taking innumerable photos in the garden this morning..
Integrating them...
Ignoring Instructions....
Imitating Inky Outlines
In anticipation of 
Introducing "I" images
From me to U....
In case you're Interested,
Instantly click on the IMAGE
For a larger View...

Hope you In Joy
And pop by Jenny's
For More Ize...


  1. You art is beautiful! I have an empty living room. When I get my act together I'd love to display a piece. Fun "eye" post!

  2. love your I poem.
    beautiful imagery.

  3. There is something so haunting in this.

  4. New follower!
    Beautiful! I always wanted to be an artist. Sadly, I had to settle for art history. Love your work.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I teach a local weekly religion class. It's awesome, but it's a ton of work.

  5. This is very striking, I love the effects!

  6. what a beautiful piece of art. I can imagine that on my wall.

  7. Your eyes have "IT" : ) so cool!

    ps did you change your background recently? it's really lovely!

  8. I love visiting you here! You always have such visual treats for us. You are so fabulously talented. Thank you for sharing your art!

  9. I like those serene, downcast eyes in the middle - wonderful collage.

  10. That is really cool! *I* really enjoyed it!

  11. Oh my goodness. I got my amazing work of art from in the mail.

    I want to buy another piece of yours and do a giveaway with it.

    I just need to survive Thanksgiving and our middle Grands birthday party this weekend and then I'll try and get it done next week.

    Now that I have seen your work 'in person' I am even more astounded by your talent.

    You are really, really good.

    Thanks for another lovely stop today, on my little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    This was an intriquing post.