Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Cleaning in progress Tues EvE for workdesk week 76 phoTos!

A clean slate for Wednesday's next project...
I do love the lemony smell of dusting spray...
Getting everything all cleared off...
And cleaned up...
Nerdy, huh ?

Notice my "partner" on the far left....
(my littlest Love BellA)

We've got the desk lined with fresh 
wax paper....
Someone's messy and prone to spills...?

A new pose
Added Adornment
A different piece of pottery for storing black and whites
Forever keeping my FAVORITE sculptured mug near 
from my baby...whose no longer a baby...

Along with some more inspiration....

You can join Julia HERE for more workdesk updates:)


  1. Lovely tidy desk and great pose. Sandra

  2. Love your muse canvas, gorgeous neat space!
    Donna x

  3. What a great tidy desk - am wondering if it is like that now (seveal hours after you posted). LOL
    Adore that sculpted mug!

  4. oh great desk you have here,and love that canvas its stunning hun Hugs Cheryl 62

  5. Everything posed, including the pencils, all ready for your next craft outburst. Thanks for sharing...
    JoZarty x

  6. Hi ya
    i can smell the lemon from here, lovely tidy desk, great pose, lovely artwork,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,(29)x

  7. I love my crafting space when it's all clean and fresh so know just how you feel. Enjoy it cos I'm sure it wont last [mine doesn't] :-)
    A x

  8. NO, not nerdy at all. I envy your cleaning--this is my plan for next week--I love a nice clean work area!

  9. How tidy - and your canvas is great.

  10. This looks too pretty to mess up again! I love things organized. I just wish I had more time to organize. I am in a mess now inbetween decorating for holidays and reorganizing but at least it is in the basement!

  11. wow how tidy
    thanks for sharing
    Vicky 87

  12. What a lovely tidy desk you have but some very interesting looking items on there. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)

  13. love you lovely pot storing your paint brushes....very tidy desk this week

  14. Your artwork is so beautiful! I love the smell of clean too! Have you tried the Almond cleaner for wood and floors? It's my favorite!

  15. i prize my pottery makings from my baby ( now young men) boys more than any other things on my desks, and I love your blog style - poetic - so lovely a joy to read,


  16. Fab clean and tidy workspace, hope you have fun messing it up.

    Have a fab week...A.xx(2)

  17. That desk is just crying out to be creative it still tidy this many hours later ? Love the pottery...Esther xx

  18. A clean desk is something that is great fun to mess up all over again.

  19. what a creative space love your pottery mug

  20. creative.

    I signed in to follow your blog,
    welcome following back.

    we do Monday poetry potluck, check it out, join us for week 11, we are open from Sunday 8pm to Wednesday 8am..

  21. I should really get the polish out and clean my desk. Yours sparkles. (32)

  22. So tidy!!! I have decided that I need to clean up between projects and not be doing more than one at a time - that way I stay reasonably tidy:)...xx

  23. OK Theresa - I'm ready - invite me quick - your desk and pieces are utter inspiration. I may hae to stop looking at desks and go do something to my own!!

  24. wow, everything looks wonderful. so inspiring to create in a desk like yours. and i need one of your patience stones.
    happy WOYWW from #20 this week.

  25. Thats my sort of desk neat and tidy - thanks for sharing

  26. Did you think I wouldn't visit this week? Of course, I know you saw how busy I've been. You would think since I had most of my obligations out of the way, I would have freed up a bit more computer time. Unfortunately, what happened was, I was so far behind, I became overwhelmed. Sorry I'm so late. Will try to do better this week.

  27. I forgot to mention, I love the look of your desk. My kind of tidy! And love your little BellA, too. Her new necklace is gorgeous.